Martin Heidegger : Phenomenology And Existentialism Essay

Martin Heidegger : Phenomenology And Existentialism Essay

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Martin Heidegger was a German philosopher who’s main thoughts points to phenomenology and existentialism. Included in his theories about freedom and resoluteness all points back to how Heidegger’s twist on Edmon Hurssel original viewpoint on phenomenology made a huge impact on theorist who came after him later down the line. Phenomenology for Heidegger relates to our human existence and can be defined as the logos of what appears. According to Heidegger, phenomenology is the proper way to respond to the question of being. This proper way is linked to the term Dasein for Heidegger. Dasein is what he uses to project towards its possibilities. As for Heidegger he summarizes the description of Dasein into ten main headings which are; existence, temporality, facticity, freedom, resoluteness, understanding, being-towards-death, death, care, and finally authenticity. Freedom and resoluteness are the two that are most significant to Heidegger and they both relates back to Dasein in different ways according to Heidegger.
To begin, Dasein is translated as being there. For Heidegger, Dasein is freedom to a certain extent as a temporal process towards the possible. As humans we are naturally equipped with a questioning of our own existence. Heidegger states being-in-the-world-alongside-entities, this means that we exist not only as ourselves but along with other beings like nature or animals. We are not alone with ourselves but we are born into this world that was not created by our hands it basically already existed before we were present in time. Even though there’s no control of as to why we exist on earth this question of the why to our existence may never be answered. In order to deal with this Heidegger remains to reappropriate the...

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...he text titled Martin Heidegger it states “This does not alter the fact of his crime committed in the past; but the meaning of this act is radically altered as his understanding of it undergoes a profound change.” We all are born into a world with different families, different languages, religion, and political systems. This personal establishment of our beings isn’t things that we all choose to live with, it’s just the the things we adapt to and carry on with that helps us define the future possibilities.
In the text titled Martin Heidegger it demonstrates the overall message of resoluteness according to Heidegger. “As a temporal being who interprets his past or present in the light of his future, as one who perpetually projects his meaning into a horizon of possibilities, man’s understanding of the world always involves a decision of self-understanding.”

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