Essay on The Marshall Plan For The United States

Essay on The Marshall Plan For The United States

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The Marshall Plan was proposed by Secretary of State-- George C. Marshall at Harvard University on June 5, 1947. Marshall mentioned the terrible condition of Europe at the beginning of the speech, and he convinced that US should set up an aid program for Europe to recover their economy. The Marshall Plan was a 4-year aid program which the United States had to give over $12 billion to the countries in Western Europe to help them rebuild their economy since most part of Europe was devastated by World War 2. $12 billion was not a small amount of aid which was a huge cost for the United States. Why would the Marshall Plan still be approved and what was its benefit for the United States?
First, for politic, the Marshall Plan can be a political weapon against the Soviet Union. The Marshall Plan can make Western Europe countries be allies of the United States since the United States financially supported Western Europe to rebuild their loss in World War 2. The loss of Western Europe countries include “the physical loss of life, the visible destruction of cities, factories, mines, and railroads was correctly estimated” (Marshall 1). The people in those countries suffered in food shortages, destruction of homelands and the loss of their families, friends’ lives. And the incomes of Western countries are basically destroyed, for example, factories are destroyed and not able to produce products anymore, trades between people and countries were disrupted since the cities and railroads were mostly destroyed. Therefore, it was almost impossible for the Western Europe countries to recover themselves. There had to be someone to support them, whether the United States or the Soviet Union in which these two countries were the strongest countries a...

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...ropean Union.
However, there were criticisms stated that the aid from the United States was excessive and it caused Europe be dependence on the United States. But I think it was necessary for the rigorous situation in Europe at that time, the Marshall Plan did prevent Western Europe from chaos. Though the Marshall Plan was a burden for the US government and people, but it eventually boosted the United States economics as the recovery of Europe could boost the trade between Europe and America and the demands of the US export was greatly increased
To conclude, the Marshall plan benefited both the US and Europe no matter for politic and for economics. There were some disadvantages like it increased dependence of Europe on the United States and interrupt the free trades in Europe, but overall I think the advantages of the Marshall Plan outweigh the disadvantages of it.

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