Married Childbearing Of A Healthy Marriage Essay

Married Childbearing Of A Healthy Marriage Essay

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Brittany Klein
Essay 2
16 March 2016

Married Childbearing Families and Society
Childbearing families within a healthy marriage, brings a healthier outlook for children. Understanding and implementing the modeling that mothers and fathers play in a child’s life are essential to a healthy family. There are many effects from divorcing and blended families in today’s society that causes the development for children to become intoxicated with higher risks of depression, behavior problems, decreased ability for academic achievement and emotional stability. The increase in economic resources dependency related to government support programs from non-married families hasn’t decreased in this century. Marriage gives an all-around increase to a better life for childbearing families in the United States than single parenthood.
Mothers and Fathers in childbearing families play an important role to their children’s lives. Mothers are to nurture, give guidance and discipline by showing love and compassion to both husband and child while fathers are known to give the same to their children, but in a more physical hands on direction compared to verbal interactions that mothers give. “Studies of families with fathers actively involved in both childcare and household responsibilities, reported preschoolers who showed increased cognitive competence, increased capacity for empathy, increased self-control, and a decrease in gender-stereotyped beliefs” (Weiss, Louis, Ph.D., “Fathers Role in Early Child Development” p. 2).A healthy marriage relationship between the mother and father brings a healthy social and psychological development to the child’s life. Having a healthy relationship reduces unhealthy behavior that would be caused by s...

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...traditional outlook on marriage would help increase childbearing families to receive better outcomes during their lifetime. One shall always remember the vows “To have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part.”
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