Marriage Success and The Psychology Behind It Essay

Marriage Success and The Psychology Behind It Essay

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Marriage Success and the Psychology behind it
What are the effects of 1) parental marriage status and 2) attitudes towards marriage, on marriage success?

By analyzing an individual’s parental marital status and through observing individuals in the course of adolescent dating and/or young adult marriage, one can measure the attitudes and expectations concerning marriage. Young adults who have either came from a home of divorced parents or an intact family will affect the attitude toward marital relationships and the value of them. Whether the young adult has positive or negative outlook of marriage is strongly correlated with family they come from. Individuals with positive attitudes about marriage that have been rooted since adolescence, mostly their own marital relationship as fulfilling and satisfying by meeting most of their expectations. However the individuals who have deep-seeded negative outlooks on marriage will have fewer optimistic expectations of their very own marital relationship. (Riggio, H. R. and Weiser, D. A. 2008). It is proposed that young adults who are from divorced homes dealt with more family conflict which diminished the relationship of parent and child resulting in negative attitudes toward marriage and relationships as a whole. However these individuals often date earlier in adolescence and marry younger.
Specific Aim 1: To compare backgrounds of adults who experienced parental divorce as children and those who grew up in continuously intact families to see if there are correlations with their attitudes toward marriage and influence on marital success.
Hypothesis 1: The research will show the will be a slight difference in attitudes of the two groups of people. The individ...

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...ivorce & Remarriage, 34(3-4), 71-87.

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