Marriage Or Cohabitation By James Q. Wilson 's Article, Cohabitation And The Ambivalent Acceptance Of Divorce

Marriage Or Cohabitation By James Q. Wilson 's Article, Cohabitation And The Ambivalent Acceptance Of Divorce

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No matter who you are one day in life you are going to meet someone who takes your breath away. Someone who you feel you could just simply not live without and when that day comes so will the day that you decide between marriage or cohabitation. In James Q. Wilson’s article “Cohabitation Instead of Marriage” and Andrew J. Cherlin’s article “The Origins of the Ambivalent Acceptance of Divorce.” cover many marital relationship topics such as history, money, children, and culture.
These two articles are very different in the form of what they are about. In Wilsons article he talks about the reasons why marriage is better than cohabitation. In Cherlin’s articles he speaks of the history of divorce and how it has become excepted throughout history. Wilson’s article is an opinion piece while Cherlin’s is more factual with in-text citations as well as quotes from people to build credibility. Wilson’s main points cover children, love, money, culture, and investing in the union known as marriage. Cherlin’s main points are divorce in American past, nonmaterial childbearing in American past, and contemporary views. Even though these two articles have no main topic in common they both, in some way shape or form, talk about money, having children outside of marriage, and how family culture has changed throughout history.
When Wilson speaks of money he is mainly talking about how money can affect a cohabitating relationship. Some couples keep separate bank accounts which could lead to a social burden and “cohabiting ones with unequal incomes are likely to split apart” (Wilson 430.) Cherlin talks about money in a different since, he brings up Personal Responsibility Act, 1996. This act says “the increase in the number of children receiving publi...

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...ivorce rate. As the family relied more heavily on the government to teach and watch their children the parents focused more on jobs and career thus leaving a gab in the family and allowing more room for divorce to happen.
No matter how different these articles are, there is no denying how true they are. Fathers have a much harder time to acquire custody, even in today’s society, when they are not married to the mother. Money is such a big deal that it can cause social burdens and divorce is so common it happens more than 1 in every 10 marriages. So when that day comes, when you have to decide between marriage or cohabitation, think long and hard and always remember: “A strong marriage rarely has two strong people at the same time. It is a husband and wife who take turns being strong for each other in the moments when the other feels weak.” Ashley Willis.

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