The Marriage of the Macbeth’s Essay

The Marriage of the Macbeth’s Essay

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Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are two characters in the Shakespearian play, Macbeth. The idea of marriage in this time period was very different from the views of our everyday society. Based on the content in the play and the social standards of that time period, Macbeth and his wife had a very strong and prosperous relationship that changed with various events and situations that occur within the play’s story.
Macbeth was written in 1606 and takes place in Scotland during the medieval period around the 11th century. During the medieval period marriages were completely different than they are today. In the Medieval Era marriage was not a choice to the youth of that period. Marriages were arrangements made by parents and guardians who were over the youth. Most marriages then were not based on love or how well people knew one another. Marriage was based on political arrangements and value. Political arrangements were made to keep certain individuals in power, such as a family’s sir name that has a distinguished reputation. To keep a sir name in circulation a family may wed their son to a lady of their choosing. Poor families may attempt to wed their daughter to a man to gain wealth and prosperity. In some cases women were wed to men as a bargain, a deal, or payment for a debt. Women had a very hard time living in the medieval era. A few women lived comfortable lives but because medieval society was dominated by men, women had to know their place in their society or suffer very harsh consequences. Women during that time had virtually no voice. The role of a woman was to care for her husband, her family and in rural areas, their land. The idea of a woman divorcing, owning property, and owning business was absurd to the people of the 11t...

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... queen Macbeth would have become so corrupted and evil and their relationship would have stayed as it was. The outcome of their marriage was very devastating and tragic and could have been prevented. The Tragedy of Macbeth shows how human corruption can destroy harmony in the heart of other humans and cause the downfall of a marriage or in Macbeth’s case, a person’s life.

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