Marriage Of Hindu And Mongolian Culture Essay

Marriage Of Hindu And Mongolian Culture Essay

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Marriage in Hindu and Mongolian Culture
Arranged marriages is main process to find women in Hindu culture. 90% of marriage are done by arrange in this culture (Kapoor). Web. Arranged marriage is the main way for marriage in Nepali culture. Marriage is an important social bond between families. When a child reaches marriageable age, the family elders are responsible for finding a suitable mate of the appropriate caste, education level, and social match. The bride’s family provides usually a dowry to the groom’s family what they demand. But nowadays it’s not necessary. A dowry is illegal in this culture these days. The cost of a wedding is really expensive mostly to the bride’s family. In the past days arranged marriage was really hard for brides and grooms in this culture. The reason was they didn’t know each other and the interesting thing was they never even saw each other’s face until the marriage date. Hindu castes do not generally approve of cross-cousin (out of a caste) marriage, which is preferred among some Mongolian ethnic groups. Among some groups, a bride’s price substitute...

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