Marriage Is Not Be Forever Right? Essay examples

Marriage Is Not Be Forever Right? Essay examples

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Marriage is supposed to be forever right? From those months of getting to know you, dating, to engagement, then finally the day when you announce yourself to the world as husband and wife. You are supposed to let go of your father’s arm to grab the arm of the person you love the most, have the preacher lean in to tell your man he may kiss you. Then you are supposed to run, holding on to him, though your family and friends into a waiting car that will take you to a location where the only other person you are supposed to know is him. There will be harsh times, fights, financial problems, things you cannot control. Yet when he comes home from work, your son goes off to the first day of school, your daughter takes her first steps into his outstretched arms with you documenting the whole thing. Those are the times you look forward too, and reflect one. Known as the good old days, those are the ones you think of when things are tough.

Auden was the outcome of a failed marriage. See in her household it was the outcome of success that broke her family apart. Her father, a award winning author who struggles writing his second book, where her mother was an award winning literature professor with serval articles published and three books. Her father got big while her mother sat back taking care of her colicky brother, Hollis, alone. Once Hollis was old enough, her mother stuck back at the university with a vengeance winning award after award, while her father sit back and watched his successful wife take the spot light. Auden was not like Hollis, but the opposite. Where Hollis was loud and childish, Auden was the mini adult, who sat quietly at the dinner table, and studied almost all the time. Thus it makes since when Hollis graduated her...

... middle of paper ... right to how a girl feels in these situations, it makes you afraid of all the hearts Dessen must have broken herself. Auden, a brilliant girl, with no social life chooses the summer before college to reinvent herself. Auden was likeable, kind of standoffish, after all she was good at everything, everything that she tried actually. Her fear was a common one: failure, with the fear in mind that kept Auden for even trying it to begin with. Eli, was kind of cold towards the beginning, not allowing the one person he has not knew his entire life into his life, still he did and because of that we have this amazing story. From Dessen heart caching love, her decent writing, keeping the story fast pace and exciting. Eli is another boy you have to add to your Dessen boy love list, where Auden is a girl who learns to love, have fun, and create a beautiful summer for herself.

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