Marriage Is A Ring Worn Or A Paper Signed

Marriage Is A Ring Worn Or A Paper Signed

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Marriage isn 't a ring worn or a paper signed. It is not something endured but savoured. It is the union of two hearts beating as one, each that would sacrifice for the other 's happiness and wellbeing. Marriage is something so beautiful that in that natural world it would be an opening rose, always with radiant petals left to unfurl to a warm sun.

Perhaps that is why they said their vows in a meadow and spent their first night together as man and wife together in a valley filled with wildflowers.


"You 're my wife..." He whispers, his fingers tracing lines over her naked back softly, not wanting to wake her. "I never thought I 'd say that."
"Why not?" She yawns and turns over.
"I thought you were sleeping?" He asks, kissing her shoulder
"I was but I heard that last thing you said..." She replies, rolling over to look at him. "Why did you think you would never marry?"
"Because in a time like this... that is the last thing you think will happen." He replies.
"Understandable," she answers.

He nods simply and she looks at him lovingly.

"I love you," she whispers and smiles up at him.

He gives her that quirky smile, that one she grew to love; it gave her the feeling as if he knew something that she didn 't.

Caressing her supple cheek, he lifts her chin; their noses almost touching. She can feel the warmth of his breath brushing the top of her lip. She stares into his blue eyes and moves up the last half inch so their lips can touch.

That kiss; hard, but soft; fiery but cool; a split second but also forever. In that one kiss, she then knew what is behind that quirky smile, and it made her love for him grow even more.

"You 're my husband," she whispers as they pull apart.
"I am," he replies softly.

She shivers and then lean...

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...his hand.
"I know!" Raven says smiling. "But are you nice like... like her?"
"Like Melinda? I like to hope I am..." He says smiling.
"I like him Melinda," Raven whispers.
"I like him too," she giggles.
"I can hear you..." He whispers and pokes the little girl 's side gently.

Raven giggles and hugs him tightly.

"So you 'll kind of be my new mommy and daddy?" Raven asks softly.
"If that 's okay with you..." She says softly.
"It 's okay... my mommy and daddy aren 't coming back... are they?"
"I don 't think so munchkin," he says rubbing her back. "But Melinda and I... we aren 't goin ' anywhere."
"Promise?" Raven asks in a hushed whisper.
"We promise," she replies.
"You have to pinky swear." Raven says holding up two pinkies.
"Of course!" They both say and tightly squeeze their pinkies around hers.

And that was that... Melinda and Jim added another person their bunch.

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