Essay about Marriage Is A Matter Of Principles, Religion, Or Culture

Essay about Marriage Is A Matter Of Principles, Religion, Or Culture

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Everyone one has a different background weather it’s a matter of principles, religion, or culture. Marriage is a legal union between two people who promise to love and care for each other for life. There’s a big process that comes to play when you make a decision of marrying your significant other. In the generality of the marriage process everyone has I different perspective of getting to know our partners. The biggest of them all being, if living together before marriage is better than marriage first. My personal belief and principles are that marriage should come first before moving in with the person. You should be sure that your partner is the one you want to share life with, make sure that your comfortable around them enough to marry them, and that you prove you both have enough respect for each other to be sure that what you got is real enough to marry them before moving in.
The most common reason as to why couples move in together before marriage is because they want to get to know their partner more. They move in together to learn each others way to compromise and to see...

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