Essay on Marriage Is A Complicated Topic

Essay on Marriage Is A Complicated Topic

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Marriage is a complicated topic and even more complicated when it ends in divorce. When entering a sacred union, such as a marriage, the person is entering uncharted water that can end up in happiness or divorce. For females in the 1900s, it became more of a chore than happiness. From an early age, the female mind has been trained, by their parents and society, to automatically take the role of a mother and a wife. Many married women understood that by marrying a man, they would have to understand the need of their husband as well as being the proper wife. However, married female did not expect their husbands to go to war in 1914 through 1918 and possibly again in 1939 through 1945. Due to the wars, some females became a widow and some marriages ended in a divorce. Levitt (2015) mentions how G.B Shaw explains in her book that marriage can be a mistake, but refusing to get married can be even worse.
Marriage is defined as a union between two individuals who have committed themselves to each other due to love, compassion, and the acceptance of each others’ flaw. Levitt mentions that Thomas Augustus, author of As a Man Think, in Modern American Plays, explains that a healthy marriage is due to commitments and the concern of each other. Before being married, each person usually recites a vow, promising each other that they will be committed to one another and the take care of one another during sickness. Females understood that being married was very important in society. If a female is married, they are more respected than those that are married and divorced, even if they got divorced for their own safety. According to society, a female that is divorced is a female that is unwanted. Brookfield (2013) explains that couples had to go...

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...f entertainment. Marriages can be a constant daily job which certain females refuse to do when there is a lack of trust and respect.
During the 1900s, married women were treated as properties of their husband while divorce women were ridiculed by society for losing a man. Marriage can allow females to feel secure but can also end up in tears or even a painful death if it becomes abusive. Levitt explains that only a few states had a divorce law that allowed wives to get a proper divorce if she was unhappy because of “habitual drunkenness, impotence, narcotics addiction, non-support, felony conviction, or adultery” (pg 139). A woman that got a divorced was basically ridiculed, even if it was not her fault. During this time period, the role of a married woman was to stay married and be a proper housewife as well as treat their husband like a king, no questions asked.

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