Essay about Marriage Inequality

Essay about Marriage Inequality

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2. The journal “Marriage Inequality: The Perspectives of Adolescents and Emerging Adults with Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Parents” interviews children of Bisexual parents about their opinions of gay marriage. They interviewed people who had gay parents about Marriage inequality. The study had 49 people, ages ranging from 14-19, and had they all had lesbian, gay, and bisexual parents, whether it was from birth or later in life.38 of the participants were female, 10 were male , 39 were heterosexual, 5 as queer, 2 as gay, and 2 as bisexual. They were all asked questions about gay marriage, and their opinion of how it would affect families. This journal had a lot of background information about the benefits of being married and also discussed issues regarding having children. Many people believe that children do better when raised by both a mother and a father. But now “ Emerging literature suggests that youth with LGB parents show similar outcomes compared with youth of heterosexual parents, with respect to psychological and social adjustment”(36). Children of LGB parents do have problems with being bullied by other children , which can lead to poor mental health. However, this depends on the area; Dutch children have greater openness about their families, and less issues with homophobia, and less adjustment problems than American children. There are legal problems with children and unmarried LGB couples, they aren’t protected the same way children with married parents are. It’s hard for both parents to legally adopt them, which can cause problems with making emergency decisions. For the results, About 70% of the participants supported gay marriage “Participants focuses on the injustice of LGB people being denied the hundreds of le...

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...iety. In my opinion I would answer yes to all of the questions. I believe gay/lesbian couples should have all the rights as heterosexual couples, not only is it morally right, but it has finical benefits as stated above. As for having children, as long as studies show that they turn out just as healthy as children of heterosexual parents, then they should be allowed to have or adopt children. Lastly, it would make it easier for me to accept that a child has gay/lesbian parents if they were married, it’s just more symbolic. Due to the fact that they won’t be related genetically they will have a shared surname which will help form a more meaningful bond.

Works Cited

Golgburg, A. E., & Kuvalanka, K. A. (2012). Marriage (In)equality: The Perspectives of Adolescents and Emerging Adults with Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Parents. Journal of Marriage and Family, 74, 34-52.

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