Essay Marriage By A Little Girl 's Entire Life

Essay Marriage By A Little Girl 's Entire Life

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This perfect day is dreamt of by a little girl her entire life. Endless amount of time and effort goes in to making this day feel like a dream. Many thoughts and conversations have gone into deciding everything from food, color for the flowers and decorations, the bridesmaids, where this event will take place, what to say in the ceremony and the list goes on. Dates are to be set aside to simply practice for this special, yet stressful, day. On this important day, the couple will then be legally unionized as partners in a relationship. Is there more to marriage than just the unification of two people? Is marriage viewed as the basis for having or raising a family? What is marriage? A type of marriage has been found in every, known human society. The societal definition of marriage is constantly changing. However, ones beliefs on marriage, cannot be changed. Marriage portrays a broad definition and differs from person to person. Not being married yet, I have been able to observe many marriages and I have noticed that any marriage goes through multiple stages.
Spring and summertime come around, wedding invitations begin to weed their way through the mail, and dates are set aside for weddings to attend. Months are spent planning out a perfect day. Each person develops high hopes that the wedding and ceremony will be as close to perfect as it can possibly get; this is often not the case. A wedding is not a wedding without a last minute issue or family drama. But after the wedding, after the first dance, after the party, after the honeymoon, after everything marriage is made up to be, reality strikes.
Most couples go through a shift in their relationship. Promises are made and these promises are meant to last a lifetime. As the firs...

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... Love comes together throughout marriage by raising children along with all of the many hardships, like decision making and responsibilities. Yet parenting seems to be the win or lose in a marriage. Parenting is a severe, complicated role to take on and with conflicting views becomes more difficult. The overall picture of marriage is that passion and love towards each other is ready to grow and spread into future roots. These future roots are what defines a marriage as the marriage takes a journey through different paths, different views, and different ways of life. Everything in a sappy, old, love movie is not something one should compare the reality of how marriage and love truly works. Marriage is real life, with real responsibilities. When it all ties down, marriage comes with a price such as; family, hardships, sacrifice, love, difficulties and responsibilities.

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