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In ancient Rome society, marriage is one of the most significant parts of everyone’s life, especially for women. In general, the Romans praise the harmonious marriage relationship. They also have distinct and specific expectations about husbands’ and wives’ obligations. The Romans usually honor these responsible wives and set them as outstanding examples of pietas. Turia, for instance, is an excellent model who manifests wives’ good behaviors and their loyalty to husbands. The inscription, written by Turia’s husband, indicates different components for ideal marriages, such as women’s good personalities and duties, husbands’ love to wives, and family financial management. Her story also contains several features that contradict with the typical marriage.
First of all, the depiction of Turia in the inscription demonstrates common requirements for good wives in ideal marriages. The family status of wives is inferior, and their husbands have legal power over them. Plutarch, in Moral Advice 139 D, F; 140A (Shelton, p.44), states that wives cannot have their emotions after marriages, instead, they should share the happiness and the sadness of their husbands. In the inscription, Turia’s husband writes that “I acted as the guardian of your fortune”(CIL 6.1527, 31670, Shelton, p.292). Wives lose not only their own emotions, but also their control of their properties. In CIL 1.2.1211(ILS 8403) (Shelton p.44), an excellent wife is praised by her appropriate manners, well management of a household, and the entire love for her husband. According to Turia’s husband (CIL 6.1527, 31679, Shelton p.292-293), Turia is diligent on wool-working, wears simple but neat clothes, saves the property she inherits from parents, and has excellent performanc...

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.... Because Mecenius’ wife drinks some wine, he beats his wife to death using a stick. Nevertheless, Egnatius Mencius does not receive any punishments or rebukes. Therefore, Turia’s husband’s decision not to divorce should considered as rare among the entire Roman society.
In conclusion, Turia and her husband are good but not typical examples for roman ideal marriage. Their love for each other supports them become a responsible husband and women, as well, let them disobey some ordinary opinions of reproduction and divorce. The requirements of Roman ideal marriage may be described as strict and straightforward from present’s perspective because contemporary marriages are more like to based on love, not political concerns or economic benefits, but these kind of marriages actually help establish a reliable and prosperous environment and develop the society profoundly.

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