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Marriage and Weddings Essay

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When you are a little girl, you are bought baby dolls, a Barbie dressed in white, a Ken in a matching tux, and a plastic kitchen set. You grow up saying that when you get big, you want to be a stay at home mom.
As a child, nearly every little girl is told “You are going to grow up, graduate high school, have a great big wedding and have babies.” It is something we that are taught to look forward to and to aspire for from age five, but does it really make us happy?
The average wedding in the United States costs thirty-thousand dollars (Hicken). Couples and their families spend thousands of dollars on everything from hiring wedding planners and florists to buying decorations, the dress, the food, the rings and the party favors. That thirty-thousand dollar whole in your pocket doesn’t even include the honeymoon, which usually costs at least a few thousand more. We all rationalize this ridiculous, frivolous spending by referring to it as “that one special day”. Often, this is not the case with how high divorce rates are, which is at about fifty percent. It could possibly be your second or third “one special day”. And really, what’s special about beginning your new life with someone thirty-thousand dollars in debt?
In 2006, married couples were outnumbered by single people for the first time in well, basically ever (Roberts). This could have to do with the growing number of people who just live together as partners, the amount of gay and lesbian couples who cannot legally marry, and the fact that people are getting married later in life and having longer engagements. It could also have to do with how much longer people are living. With most people living well past the age of seventy, thirty isn’t so “middle aged” anymore (Critt...

... middle of paper ..., we should stop telling little girls that getting married will make them happy. What if we started telling them to make themselves happy; to find themselves, find their passions and what drives them? And if that special someone comes along… well then that’s a bonus.

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