Marketing Tracks Specific Consumers ' Buying Habits Closely And Crafts Products And Messages Tailored

Marketing Tracks Specific Consumers ' Buying Habits Closely And Crafts Products And Messages Tailored

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According to Solomon (2017), “database marketing tracks specific consumers’ buying habits closely and crafts products and messages tailored precisely to people’s wants and needs based on this information” (p. 11). As a result, a research was conducted using three participants, two males and one female, all born within eight years of each other, with similar family structures (i.e., parents), social class (i.e., employed and business graduated students), and geography (i.e., residing in the Northeast). The experiment was conducted using a form of the observation method (i.e., diary approach) to explore consumer behavior with various activities to determine how marketers can effectively advertise products and/or services to the participants.
Market research identifies what customers really want and not just what they think they want. To understand what customers want before they know what they want, data and statistical analysis are required to accomplish this objective. Some of the areas that marketers need to study and know thoroughly are trends, prices, competitors, and their target market. In other words, these are the who, what, where, when, why, and how that relates to the target market/customer.
For marketers to better understand their target market, they can use the sociological approach to consumer lifestyle research, which includes temporal and situational. Temporal approach refers to experiences that are time based. This plays an important role because consumers’ decision could vary significantly depending on a given limit of time. On the other hand, situational approach refers to an actual consumer experience that includes a consumer’s location.
One of the ways to better understand consumer behavior is using var...

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...e participants with advertisements that can be appreciated by others (e.g., families, etc.).
Overall, an experiment using the diary approach with three participants was used to explore consumer behavior when engaging in exercise, watching television, and transportation. The results showed inaccurate estimates watching television and exercising. As a result, marketers have to reconcile conflicting results when conducting parallel research methods using various techniques. Although this study did not account with a representative sample, it does provide an insight on how marketers can utilize different research methods to collect data on consumers and run statistical analysis to identify correlation between variables (e.g., gender, age, activities, etc.) that can be used as an avenue to better understand consumer behavior and effectively market products to consumers.

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