Essay on Marketing Through Social Media

Essay on Marketing Through Social Media

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Widely adopted by the general public then by companies, the Internet fast imposed itself to become the archetypal media in terms of communication and search for information in all the domains today, and it is true whatever is the position of each in the society.

With the development of the Web 2.0 which made Internet participative, the Internet users are now capable of expressing themselves, interacting, and giving their opinion onto everything (products, services, brands, companies, cultural property) and on everybody, via multiple platforms on Internet. To criticize a restaurant on Cityvox, to note a seller on eBay, to denounce the actions of a brand or a company via a viral video on YouTube, to support a candidate for an election, to become a fan of a brand on Facebook or to follow it on Twitter, to recommend products to friends is so much behaviour which become more and more common.
In this context, the social media which include blogs, forums, platforms of video sharing as YouTube or of photos as Flickr, but at first and above all else the on-line social networks, became inescapable at the Internet users. The most known of them, Facebook and Twitter, attract millions of users worldwide and generate new uses.

As the Internet is growing faster and faster every day social networks allow now to the consumers to use it as not only an information tool but also for interaction and buying process reasons. Indeed with the emergence of online social media, social networks are becoming more and more the place to be for users and companies too.
Facebook has now more than 800 million users and is becoming a new way for marketers to recruit consumers, reinforce loyalty and reputation.
New ways for online advertising are now possib...

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