Marketing 2.0: The New Language of Marketing Essay

Marketing 2.0: The New Language of Marketing Essay

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The best sports any corporate indulge in and desire to win, are none other than the game of marketing. The day people engaged in trading, the concept of marketing evolved, though the same has travelled the long route to reach modern day market orientation. Marketing has always been a crucial part of a business. Organizations have become great brands on the sheer basis of effective marketing strategies. In the era of huge competition, organizations are going great length to advertise and promote their products and earn valuable customer loyalty. It is one of interesting but complicated science of modern day business.
Corporates were forced to invest on marketing to sustain their business and gain over their competitors. The more corporates emerged in trade arena, the tougher it become for their marketing strategies. This on one hand have had given the opportunity to innovate in terms of creativity and on the other hand it reduced the options to experiment with.
Early decade of 90’s witnessed the use of web services spurt among common people, which facilitate them with new forms of computer-mediated social interaction over the internet; such as e-mail and instant messaging. This opened a new door for marketers’ to connect and interact. Middle 90’s internet witnessed the emergence of online communities like (1995), Geocities (1994) and (1995), many of these early communities focused on bringing people together to interact with each other through chat rooms, and encouraged users to share personal information and ideas via personal webpages by providing easy-to-use publishing tools and free or inexpensive web space. In these sites, user profiles played the central feature, allowing users to compile lists of ‘F...

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... by the end user. The two-way communication methods used in “Marketing 2.0” services, helped in generating faith and brand values among consumers and reduce chances of the social harms, caused by use of few early methods of marketing techniques too.
Considering the newness of this marketing method, more and more organizations are coming up with innovative ways to develop their marketing plans using “Marketing 2.0”. New platforms are being created to approach potential clients. A large number of business organizations are allocating budget for online business development using social media marketing. It is a booming sector which is going to redefine the way marketing strategies are being formed and promoted.
Possibly soon in near future we all are talking about “Marketing 3.0” where corporates will sit back and Internet will do all of the marketing work for them.

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