Marketing Strategy : The Backbone Of Great Content Marketing Essay

Marketing Strategy : The Backbone Of Great Content Marketing Essay

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With the increase of ecommerce stores, merchants feel the pressure to stand out in the marketplace. And one of the best ways to promote products and services is through content marketing.

As a full-stack freelancer, your goal is to build your client’s overall brand image. You hold the key to transforming their expertise into various written and visual content forms. Your content marketing skills will attract and engage their customers.

From my personal experience, I’ve learned that clients desire a clear content marketing strategy coupled with unique content creation. But to be a full-service content marketer, I also recommend offering results-driven promotion services with content maintenance.

Here’s how to approach an ecommerce owner seeking content marketing support:

Content Marketing Strategy
Strategy is the backbone of great content marketing. It gives merchants the foundation to craft their personalized message.

You want to build a framework that not only delivers content, but also changes audience behavior. And it’s not enough to tell your client: “Oh, we can do X.” That won’t help their ecommerce business.

Rather, strive to set objectives, dictate metrics, and determine specific channels. Build a plan that lays out the quarterly, monthly, and weekly tactics. Show merchants how the details fit into the long-term strategy.

Content Audits
Some ecommerce stores don’t know what type of content to include on their websites. Or they don’t know exactly which content works well.

Conduct a content audit for your client. Assess their content strengths and weaknesses. Give them a roadmap for future marketing activities.

Start by creating a spreadsheet of all the content assets. Then, collect data points, such as, word coun...

... middle of paper ...

...itter account. Retweet interesting tidbits, reply to followers’ comments, and like tweets that align with the brand.

Offer ongoing maintenance to ensure your client’s success.

Final Thoughts
Content marketing is more than just creating blog posts and videos. To be a better content marketer, it’s important to diversify your content marketing services.

You can drive more results when you contribute to the whole content marketing machine, instead of one piece of the puzzle. So, offer your clients strategy sessions, social media outreach, and content repurposing.

By doing that, you establish yourself as an expert in the field. And with expertise comes the opportunity to secure repeat business, possibly at higher rates. Market yourself by speaking at events, sharing useful content, and always bringing value to conversations.

Be bold. Be a full-stack content marketer.

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