Essay about Marketing Strategy Of Target Corporation

Essay about Marketing Strategy Of Target Corporation

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The organization selected to analyze its strategy-creation is Target Corporation, which is traded in NYSE stock exchange with a symbol TGT.
A General Merchandise and Retail Trade
Target Corporation operates under general merchandise in a retail trade industry with a NAICS code 452 (BLS, 2015), such sectors are unique in nature and conduct business using equipment and staff that are capable of retaining much needed variety of non-perishable and perishable products from a single large store. The general Merchandise and Supercenters employs mass merchandising, which is a retailing method involving high volume, fast turnover selling of goods sold less than the traditional price. Target Corporation satisfies these selling criteria and is called general merchandise discount stores. The company that operates in this industry attracts consumers from a lower to middle class income households.
The retail trade industry includes a massive display of products, and trained staff to assist and provide details of the products to consumer on demand. The general merchandise industry have 30 to 40 departments and offers items such as household items, apparel, personal care, baby care, sporting goods, home furnishing and decor, photo shop, electronics including games, computer hardware and software, Jewelry, automotive supplies, seasonal merchandise, pet supplies, pharmacy and Café (Advisen, n, d).
Target Corporation is a top discount chain and operating as general merchandise and food discount retail stores in the United States. Further, it operates a larger grocery carrying incarnation stores carrying a line of food and general merchandise called SuperTarget stores, as well sells online, an assortment of general merchandise and a complementary as...

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...t More, Pay Less".
e) Continue to deliver basics to a wide range of brands with exceptional quality and a great value in categories across the stores and online. Also, tailor product offerings to meet customer expectations as well meeting multicultural customer demand.
f) Demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by helping to build strong and safe community being a bigger community through volunteering, giving and caring for the environment. Also, the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy revolves around wellness which is a big shift (Bullseye View, 2015). Support employees live well and achieve their goals thus contributing to the organization growth by cultivating talent, networking and leadership through employee growth. Such a commitment and diverse perspective enable the talented workforces perform at their full potential to deliver great products.

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