Essay about Marketing Strategy Of Coca Cola

Essay about Marketing Strategy Of Coca Cola

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Coca-Cola uses a product strategy and a promotional marketing strategy. They try to increase their brand awareness. They use Staffing, they have staff to interact with Facebook users to answer their questions and make it more personal. They post and develop content on a regular basis to build relationships and make connections with their users. Coca-cola does a great job at developing new and interesting content that inspires their followers’curiosity . It also adds value to their users by posting videos of meaninful moments and how life is not all about money, but on the special moments while entertaining their audience. They want to engage Facebook users as much as possible posting videos to advertise their products, for instance, coca- cola vanilla, coke zero, etc. They even teach you how to use coke in cocktails, share their recipes and how to make them by posting informational videos.
They use famous celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Avicci into their adversiting. They have a great customer service team that responds to users’ inquiries and concerns, making it more persona...

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