Essay about Marketing Strategy For Generation Z

Essay about Marketing Strategy For Generation Z

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Community colleges are, historically, known for servicing the more non-traditional population, such as adults who work full-time and individuals seeking fast-paced trade-skills, a successful enterprise (AACC, 2013). In a community college setting located within the Southern Region of Texas, there is an opportunity to study the social expectations and educational needs of Generation Z relative to their college experience compared to other identified groups of students enrolled in the institution. Generation Z accounts for less than 20% of the community college full-time enrollment (AACC, 2013). According to the Daily Nation (2016), they are described as independent, stubborn, pragmatic and always in a rush, Generation Z will challenge Community Colleges with the task of providing a balance between social activities and the delivery of a quality education.
Generation Z is strongly hooked into the digital world, making them a driving force behind the now advance market-driven enterprise of education. According to Maslowsky (2013), an effective marketing strategy for Generation Z was a high priority based on its competitive nature and short window of influence. Moreover, companies and organizations of all sizes are taking notice to this class of individuals. Recently, the Chief Operating Officer of Snapchat, the latest social media phenomenon, Emily White shared that the habits and characteristics of Generation Z, were considered to be the most influential people in current times that grew up with the internet (Glum, 2015). This research study will provide community college administrators with a prospective on how to market directly to Generation Z while focused on both their wants and needs in higher education.
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...ollowing an ethnographic approach, research will be conducted through electronic surveys, observational session, and focus groups that will round out the growing perception of the topic from a social and economic standpoint. By analyzing gathered data through the various methods to include, parent and/or guardian focus group sessions, which can provide an additional societal belief prospective of the problem. The overall goal of this research is to provide a comprehensive marketing model for institutions of higher learning on how to derive a plan on how to attract the right individual to the right school and program while adhering to regulatory guidelines. The findings of this research will assist college and university administrators the tools to designate both marketing funding and labor necessary to meet the needs of the prospective student community.

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