Marketing Strategy For A Marketing Program Essay examples

Marketing Strategy For A Marketing Program Essay examples

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According to Pendrith (2014), one of the main reasons businesses fail is due to the lack of a marketing program. Opening the doors to a business does not mean customers will be swarming to utilize the services or products of that business (Pendrith, 2014, para 8). GCC will face the same obstacles when it comes to marketing that every new business faces and GCC will need to create a strategy and implement a guiding plan to create a foothold in the market. Other types of companies may be able to create very broad marketing strategies and plans that can target many different types of customers or potential customers. However, GCC is attempting to break into a very niche market and the strategy that is developed and the subsequent plan will have to be directed solely at the hopeful clientele with very little room for error.
Marketing Strategy
A simple Google search reveals that there are hundreds if not thousands of different strategies that companies utilize in marketing. The goal is to find the best marketing strategy for GCC that will allow it to flourish and thrive in a very small market. To accomplish this there has to be a lot of research that is conducted. Costs of the strategy will also be discussed and analyzed to make sure that GCC is making an educated use of its limited resources.
For GCC and almost all consulting businesses the best strategy is to develop personal relationships with the potential clients. The consultants that spend little or no money on advertising tend to do better than the companies that spend a lot of money (Dubois, 2011, para 1). That does not mean the companies do not have a strategy. Instead it means that they rely on a very direct marketing strategy and go to where their pot...

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...ents will be direct face to face marketing techniques. By researching target companies as described GCC will be able to create and develop marketing that attracts the customer directly. For example if a company’s annual report indicates that the company is looking to expand into an area that GCC is knowledgeable in then GCC can monitor the company’s press releases and find events and venues that company will be participating in. The GCC consultants can then attend the same events giving speeches or a lecture that directly appeal to the target company’s annual report and futures growth and creating interest for GCC. If it happens to be a charity golf tournament the GCC swag bag could contain a business card that says specializing in the region that the company’s reports indicated that they wanted to grow, again creating interest and putting GCC on their radar.

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