Marketing Strategies Used By Airbus Essay

Marketing Strategies Used By Airbus Essay

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Marketing Strategies Used by Airbus to Attract Business Customers
Presentation of the Company
Airbus is a branch of the international Airbus Group SE that manufactures civil aircraft and it is established in Blagnac, France. They have several production and manufacturing facilities in France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States and has about 136,574 employees. Their aim is to be a recognized leader in commercial aeronautics and defense as well as space markets and in eco-efficient solutions for sustainable aviation by acting in several areas of its lifecycle. Over the last 45 years, Airbus has built a reputation on reacting to market demands, developing and evolving its products to meet the needs of customers and the wider world. As such, technological innovation has been at the core of Airbus’ strategy since its creation. There continues to be an explosion in air travel, which makes it a very lucrative industry to be in. air travel numbers themselves are mind-boggling. Moreover, it growing its global network related to incubators and partnerships. Its business innovation center in Silicon Valley makes it a strategic place to deal with major players in the world.
Relationship with Business Customer
The Internet, a rapidly expanding global computer and communications infrastructure, has facilitate the emergence of computer-mediated environments that serve as electronic market places for buyers and sellers. Bakos (1991) defined the electronic marketplace as an “inter-organizational information system that allows participating buyers and sellers to exchange information about prices and products offerings” (p. 296). Airbus is teaming up with OneWeb to produce several small satellites to develop innovative designs and...

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...relationships because they are in partnership relationship with its business consumers. This is the most valuable relationship to have with consumers.
Airbus claims the majority of the growth of airlines like Emirates comes from the introduction of the A380. Airbus’ website did show Emirates Airlines would like to have more aircraft, and delivered faster to boot, as would other operators by its market report. It is no secret that with the economy being the way it has been since 2008, large aircraft sales for both Airbus and its competitor Boeing have been sluggish at best. Airbus has quite a few A380 craft backlogged for different carriers around the globe, which it attributes to its popularity and market share growth. After researching the marketing and competition plans of Airbus it is safe to say they are confident the company will pull through on top.

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