Marketing Strategies For The Retail Chain Stores Essay

Marketing Strategies For The Retail Chain Stores Essay

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With retail chain outlets operating in a slow growth and unpredictable environment, the pursuit for dominance in the market has become more aggressive in relation to packaging, pricing, brand awareness, purchase intention and brand loyalty, thereby challenging companies to explore other marketing avenues to gain market share (Kent & Omar 2003). Such opportunities are exhibited through the increased emphasis placed on improving the quality of packaging, maintaining competitive pricing and creating loyalty amongst customers (Rowley 2005).

Independent Variables
X1: Packaging
X2: Price
Packaging may be perceived as a family of activities that are concerned with the design, production and filling of a container or wrapper of the product item in such a way that the product can be effectively protected, stored, transported and identified, as well as successfully marketed (Kent & Omar 2003). An often-overlooked component of packaging is its latent ability to reflect the product attributes to unsuspecting and otherwise disinterested consumers (Gonzalez & Twede 2007). Most of the packaging decisions affect how consumers associate themselves with a firm’s products (Del Rio, Vazquez & Iglesias 2001). Ordinarily, packaging should be designed in such a way that the product can be handled without damaging the quality of the contents (Silayoi & Speece 2007). Packaging should also be designed to promote product sales (Deliya & Parmar 2012). A consumer should, without extraneous effort, be able to identify the packaging of a particular manufacturer standing on the shelf and distinguish it from other competing brands (Cronje et al. 2003). Non-verbal communication through packaging is an important expression through which consumers learn ...

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...ue position in the marketplace and in the minds of consumers. Broadbridge and Morgan (2007) also found that most consumers have the desire to feel confident with the product in terms of reliability, performance and packaging before they purchase the product. A study conducted by Hysen and Mensur (2008) reveals that packaging has a great positive effect on the purchase of dairy products. Ahasanul and Ali (2009) also found that packaging plays an important role in influencing the perception of consumers of pirated electronic products. Findings in a study by Gupta (2009) also show that effective packaging is positively correlated with impulse buying behaviour in the food retailing industry, which justifies the use of sales packaging in that industry. It appears, then, that effective packaging is an indispensable instrument in shaping the purchase decisions of consumers.

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