Marketing Strategies For The Guerrilla Marketing Strategy Essay

Marketing Strategies For The Guerrilla Marketing Strategy Essay

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Effectively introducing the standards to using guerrilla marketing strategies provides proper association towards gaining better profits for several types of businesses. With the major focus on the development of small businesses, the basis of including real marketing techniques to express efficient management will increase the potential market share for the industry overall. The marketing trend enhances the current strategies that managers use to promote their businesses, which includes the use of the marketing mix. According to Jay Conrad Levinson, the author of Guerrilla Marketing, he includes special details that will help small businesses earn big profits and strengthen their management processes.
Using efficient marketing techniques to connect with the public media, social media, and print media will contribute to the increase of a company’s growth. The Guerrilla Marketing includes several approaches in obtaining information from consumers and sensitizing a company’s creativity in order to correctly select and entice their target population. By demonstrating the productivity of mini-media marketing, maxi-media marketing, and new-media marketing, it emphasizes the importance of maintaining updated processes. Without guerrilla marketing techniques, all businesses will suffer from profitable revenue due to the lack of stability and influential enterprises.
Mini-marketing emphasizes the marketing methods that most traditional marketers would never consider. This includes distributing flyers, posting on bulletin boards, and advertising at shopping areas. Based on mini-marketing, providing excellent customer service for consumers will most likely increase the interaction between the buyer and the seller. Several small businesse...

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...e three main categories that has effectively made an impact on how marketers advertise in the world today. The first category focuses on mini-media marketing and resembles the basic advertising strategies that traditional marketers would implement as well. The second category is maxi-media marketing and it is known for using mass marketing tactics. Properly distinguishing marketing strategies compared to a competitor’s will increase the way consumers perceive a company’s brand and product. The last category is the new media marketing, which includes interaction with consumers solely based on online services. Considering the increased growth for new media marketing, smaller businesses are using this to their advantage in order to compete with bigger companies and corporations. Overall, guerrilla marketing is inexpensive and highly advantageous for startup businesses.

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