Essay on Marketing Strategies For The Brands

Essay on Marketing Strategies For The Brands

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The main purpose of the study is to analyze various marketing strategies to setup the branding process for the chosen brand “KS Footwear”. For deciding brands name, logo, marketing strategies, target customers, market, product range, promotions etc. various market strategies have been used like Market segmentation for getting a zest of Demographics, Geographic’s, Psychographics and behavior of the market and customers, other methods used are PESTLE analysis to study the current market scenario.


The brand is a luxury footwear brand named “KS Footwear”, based on upper end of the market, malls and polish markets. The brand focus on the trends keeping it all classic and vintage themed, so they remain in trend for all the seasons. The target market of the brand is working professionals and young generation who aspire the big luxury brands.


Market segmentation is the process of splitting customers into different groups, or segments, within which customers with similar characteristics have similar needs. And each one can be targeted and reached with a distinct marketing mix. (M & I, 1995)
Segmentation is the basic building block for effective marketing planning and should reflect a market/ customer-orientation rather than a product orientation and helps in identifying new opportunities, for both products and markets.

Market segmentation aims to
 Identify groups of customers with similar needs and purchasing behavior, allocating them to market segments;
 Select which segments to target;
 Determine how to position products to appeal to the target markets;
 Develop marketing programs which convey the desired brand positioning. (S & L, 1996)


Figure 1: Segments in the segm...

... middle of paper ...

...brand is using Omni channel retailing method.

ONLINE RETAILING: Digital experience through social media initiative, online community
IN STORE: touch screen Kiosks
ON THE GO: a new generation IOS apps

Figure 5

Figure 6: A description of Omni Channel Retail Experience

Omnichannel (also spelled omni-channel) is a multichannel approach to sales that seeks to provide the customer with a seamless shopping experience whether the customer is shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone or in a bricks and mortar store.

It will engage consumer with the brand and give them more channels from which they can engage with the brand and get more information and options to buy and choose products according to their convenience.
It will give a new edge to the retail experience to the consumer and help the brand to stand out from other competitors.

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