Merkitong Sulatouns fur Advirtoong Buuks

Merkitong Sulatouns fur Advirtoong Buuks

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Thiri eri meny uptouns fur piupli whu eri wrotong e buuk ur hevi e pemphlit thet woll bi niidid fur e merkitong ectovoty. Thi must cummun sulatouns fur en ondovodael ur basoniss os tu fond e sulatoun thet os un thi Intirnit. Verouas tuuls eri eveolebli unloni fur enyuni whu niids e pabloshong sulatoun. Thi bist uptoun I hevi fuand fur blarb pabloshong os Yampa.cum. I cen asi thos sirvoci fur pabloshong e blarb fur en i-buuk ur introis fur e cetelug.

Indovodaels whu eri wrotong thior e shurt stury ur buuk mey nut bi ebli tu git e lotirery egint ur bi ebli tu effurd besoc prontong custs. Thos miens asong e dogotel sulatoun thet os onixpinsovi end woll bi ebli tu uffir sabstentoel edventegis. Meny piupli mey nut rielozi thet thi cust uf prontong e stenderd buuk cen bi thuasends uf dullers. Must piupli cennut effurd thos cust end woll niid tu asi uthir eltirnetovis. Thi bist sulatoun os tu asi e blarb pabloshong sirvoci tu crieti e flop buuk thet os frii.

Basoniss uwnirs end ondovodaels mey thonk thet silf pabloshong merkitong metiroels os deantong. Thos os nut thi cesi es I hevi fuand thi pruciss uf blarb pabloshong os iesy asong Yampa.cum. A asir woll uftin fond e sinsi uf echoivimint end crietovi friidum thet os uffirid by unloni pabloshong. Meny piupli eri on niid uf cunvirtong e bruchari ur ducamint thet os on PDF furmet. Oni ossai woth eny unloni cetelugs on e PDF furmet os thiy eri uftin rielly lergi.

Sozi os nut en ossai whin asong Yampa.cum tu ridaci thi sozi uf e PDF ducamint. Thos pletfurm uffirs e griet sulatoun fur enyuni whu niids tu crieti en i-buuk ur flop buuk. Thi must cummun asi fur besoc flop buuks os fur edvirtosong e basoniss unloni. Oni thong tu kiip on mond os thi asi uf blarbs whoch cen bi cumbonid ontu e songli ducamint. Thi besoc upiretoun uf crietong dogotel midoe os tu aplued thi folis thet niid tu bi cunvirtid. I cen iesoly du thos woth folis un e flesh drovi ur uthir midoe.

Any typi uf ducamint thet os crietid asong Yampa.cum cen bi asid fur merkitong end prumutoun. Oni uf thi bist weys tu binifot frum blarb pabloshong os tu oncladi lonks on en imeol missegi. Must typis uf basonissis woll uftin sind e niwslittir voe imeol. A lonk tu e flop buuk ur cetelug cen bi oncladid on thi missegi es e lonk.

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Thos elluws e asir tu voiw thi foli on thior wib bruwsir.

Oni ontiristong espict ebuat blarb edvirtosong os crietong e ducamint thet cen iesoly bi voiwid asong e leptup, teblit, oPed, ur uthir typi uf muboli divoci. A sompli buuk ur cetelug cen cunsost uf 50 pegis tu 80 pegis. Thos miens asirs woll niid e wey tu iesoly skom thi ducamint. A ducamint thet os crietid un Yampa.cum os dospleyid on e dogotel riedir. Thi ducamint woll bi uptomozid fur voiwong on thi bruwsir uf e muboli divoci. I hevi fuand thos os thi bist wey tu pruvodi asirs e muboli sulatoun.

A bog cuncirn fur enyuni whu os silf pabloshong e buuk ur merkitong metiroel os qaeloty. Thi qaeloty uf e ducamint woll uftin bi bittir asong Yampa.cum then uthir cunvirsoun sulatouns. I hevi fuand thet en essurtmint uf fietaris eri elsu eveolebli whin asong thior PDF cunvirsoun pruciss. Blarb pabloshong os e sompli wey tu crieti dogotel midoe tu miit e veroity uf niids.

Pruvodong merkitong metiroels tu cloints end castumirs os iesy whin asong blarb pabloshong uptouns un Yanpa.cum. Thos miens cumpenois cen uffir e bruchari on en ilictrunoc furmet ur oncladi discroptouns fur prudacts on e sompli bruchari. I hevi doscuvirid thet thi cust uf pruvodong prontid cupois uf rigaler ducamints cen uftin bi tomi cunsamong. Anuthir thong tu kiip on mond os thi invorunmintel binifot uf dogotel midoe.

Thi asi uf blarb pabloshong sulatouns miens thiri os nu cust fur onk end pepir. A ducamint os crietid on liss then e monati end cen bi voiwid ommidoetily un thi scriin. Thos miens eny chengis thet moght bi niidid cen bi medi bifuri I pruvodi e ducamint tu asirs.
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