Marketing Principle: Branding Essay

Marketing Principle: Branding Essay

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For an effective boost of sales, an organization has to inform the consumers of their products, improvement made on the products that have added value to the products and how to use the product not forgetting to inform the consumers about the difference between their product and other similar products in the market. (1998) illustrates that there are different professed rules or guidelines of action or conduct in the process of informing the consumers of a product or service through effective marketing principles.
For the survival of any organization whether profit oriented or non-profit, marketing is an essential function of operation for existence in the market and achievement of the organizational goals. Donald (1996) elaborates that it is through marketing that profit oriented organizations generate revenue and the non-profit organizations attract customers they need in order to support the not-for-profit’s missions via the donations among others. It is from this aspect that the public gets to know an organization and have a view for it depending on how they interact with the marketers.
An organization also has to plan a direction and scope on how to integrate its marketing goals through marketing strategy. To come up with a result oriented marketing strategy there are several factors that has to be taken into consideration. They include: market situation, the organization size, the industry in which the organization operates, the geographical location of the organization, the products they produce or the services they offer, the consumer buying behavior, and the target group among other marketing concepts (McGrath ‘et al’ 1999).
An organization has to gather information about markets or customers, their prod...

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