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Marketing Plan For Whole Foods Essay

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Whole Foods Market
Factors to Consider in Strategic Planning Development
Strategic planning development is a process that enables a company to achieve its goals and objectives within the stipulated time frame (Harrison & John, 2014).The Whole Foods Company should involve all the managers of the various functional departments of the organization, in the development of a strategic plan. For the strategic plan to successful, the company needs to consider it 's:-
Vision. The management of the company has a vision of expanding its operations and increasing the sales in the current stores. The vision of the company is to set the standard of excellence in the food retailing industry. The company should ensure that the strategic plan that is outlined is aligned with the vision of the company. The strategic plan should also take into account the culture and core values of the organization. The five-year plan that will be developed will be focused on the importance of quality and customer satisfaction.
The challenge. In formulating a strategic plan, the company should identify the problems and challenges that it has faced recently, which may derail its future developments. According to Johnston and Szabo (2011), a company should collect data from consumers and analyze the underlying issue that may be affecting the company’s productivity. The strategic plan should address the issues and implement a plan that will be in the best interest of the company.Whole foods company has faced a few challenges in the recent past, as the global economy is not stable. The company has also faced increased competition from other food retailers in the market. High rate of insecurity and shipping problems are some of the challenges that the company is ...

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...der in the twenty-first century should be in a state of claiming the company’s success in relation to how their products have affected the economy and clients.
A marketing leader should increase or maintain the market share; this is achieved by setting short term goals. The objectives should be specific and precise on what the marketer is hoping to achieve. Specified targets help in distributing and maximizing resources to where they will be expected to raise the most profits. The objective will also help in achieving productivity standards that aim at ensuring that the investments are distributed equally. At Whole Foods, the objectives that the leader will have to come up with will have to identify the specific goals that the company will benefit from after implementation. For example, buying out a competitor with intentions of increasing their market share.

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