Marketing Plan For Office Furniture Essay

Marketing Plan For Office Furniture Essay

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Our furniture store has enjoyed tremendous success as a cash and carry business, but in order for us to expand our market share and increase our revenue; we have decided to create an outside sales force to capture the local business market for office furniture. This sales force will focus on meeting the need of our business community for all-inclusive office furniture packages from lay-out design to product delivery. After researching the market condition in Ocala, we have determined that although there are many companies selling furniture, there are very few local businesses that are offering complete office furniture packages that include design consultation and delivery. Ocala and the surrounding area of fifty miles, is home to over 340,000 people and close to 13,000 businesses according to ( Among those companies are such names as Lockheed Martin, Ocala Regional Health System, University of Florida, and AT&T just to name a few. These companies, which employ thousands of people, have their own individual needs for a fully furnished office space. Through our partnerships with our many great suppliers and with the help of a dedicated sales team, we believe we can capture a dominant market share and expand to other markets with the help of the increased profits of this newest endeavor. The next several pages will detail our hiring and training process for the new sales staff, our sales process and prospecting plans, our tracking and compensation plan, and finally our focus on customer service. We need to hire three competent and dedicated individuals to staff our sales team.

Hiring Our New Sales Force
It’s very important that we hire the right sales staff and train them properly so that they are ab...

... middle of paper ...

...ed by the sales manager on a regular basis.
• Progress Meeting. A progress meeting will be held each week at a time to be determined later. This time will be used to review ongoing sales opportunities and problems or challenges with our products or services. The sales manager will also take this time to motivate or educate our sales staff and inspire them to increase sales volume.

Sales Force and the Sales Process
Our sales process must be followed closely and all progress will be monitored, tracked, and evaluated on a regular basis by the sales manager. The key to our sales process will begin with our sales people becoming experts on all the products and services that we offer. Once that has been accomplished, our sales people will concentrate on prospecting and developing leads which will eventually lead to the selling of goods. Once a salesperson has become

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