Marketing Plan For Launch And Boost The Sale Of Prickly Pear Products Essay

Marketing Plan For Launch And Boost The Sale Of Prickly Pear Products Essay

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The main purpose of this marketing plan is to launch and boost the sale of prickly pear products through the creation of awareness over the use of the plant products for nutritional and medicinal benefits. The company will solicit funds for marketing from other companies and in return provide an equity stake to the funding company. Through the use of various marketing strategies, the company hopes to raise its sales by 10% in the first month, 15% in the second month, and 20% in the third month. At the end of the three quarters, the Company will evaluate its performance to establish if the goals were achieved and accordingly decide whether to employ similar strategies in the future or come up with completely new strategies.
Strategies and implementation summary
For the Company to accomplish its objectives outlined above, a number of strategies will be applied. Below are the mechanisms that the Company plans to employ;
The business intends to convince prospective customers to try out the prickly pear products. This will be through the use of radio, billboards, and television as the primary media channels. The reason behind the Company’s choice of this marketing strategy is that the advertiser has full control of the message that is passed on to customers. People have a great desire to minimize pains such as those caused by diseases and maximize pleasure. Communicating the health benefits associated with consuming the prickly pear products will definitely increase the sale of the products (Clow, 2007).
Free Samples;
As a marketing strategy, the business will offers samples to the consumer products free of charge to give them a chance to try out the products before committing themselves to buy. This strategy will, how...

... middle of paper ...

... call for methods of marketing and operations and financial strategies different from ones used in the company other businesses. For instance, the new business may involve buyers, customers, or competitors; different from the Company’s previous buyers, customers, or competitors.
Risks associated with not launching the prickly pear products
Failure to launch the products will lead to continued cases of high death rates resulting from health challenges, such as diabetes and obesity, especially for individuals who can’t afford artificial medication.
A marketing plan is a crucial document in determining the success of any business and more so when launching new products. This is because it offers guidelines to the company on the best way to carry out business operations. However, it is not just about designing the document but about following what is contained therein.

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