Marketing Plan For E Commerce Startups Essay

Marketing Plan For E Commerce Startups Essay

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Studies show that “both companies and agency clients have a greater focus on customer acquisition than retention.”

Some SaaS businesses waste time and money by focusing on quick fixes. But your company can acquire more customers on limited resources by concentrating on the right strategies.

“For e-commerce startups, the most difficult thing is focus. It 's easy to focus on a niche for your products, but very difficult to focus on a ‘niche audience,’” says Brian Zeng, CMO of OwnOnly.

Approach customer acquisition with a solid plan. Build the foundation by developing relationships with your target audience.

Acquire customers differently by driving progress toward strategic goals. Here are four lessons to guide your team:

1. Build Engagement
It’s very unlikely that a first-time visitor will stumble upon your website and automatically buy your products. Prospective customers must be fully engaged with your brand before they make a purchase.

To attract more customers, build quality relationships. According to McKinsey, “70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated.”

First, know your ideal customers’ pain points. Conduct in-depth meetings with sales.

Arrange informal conversations with existing customers. And work with the marketing team to develop accurate buyer personas.

Identify ways to connect your company’s values with your consumers. Nike uses a similar technique by promoting their mission of fitness, sports, and motivation. To their brand, everyone is an athlete.


Social media is another effective way to build engagement. Shoppers talk about brands everyday. They’re dishing out the good, bad, and ugly. Use a social media monitoring tool, like SproutSocial, to track those...

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...ted content can include infographics, Twitter chats, white papers, or even podcasts.

Shopify partners with the New York Stock Exchange to give entrepreneurs an exclusive week of mentorship. Winners receive advice from well-respected influencers, including Tony Robbins, Russell Simmons, Tim Ferris, and Marie Forleo.

Earning customers doesn’t always mean reinventing the wheel. Sometimes, joining forces with like-minded brands can boost new paid users.

Attract More Customers
Grows your SaaS by Grabbing the attention of new customers. In order to earn more business, zero in on long-term strategies, not one-off flukes.

Build relationships with prospects with on-going engagement. Solve your audience’s problems by educating them about your product solution. And develop partnerships with other companies to expand your reach.

Be strategic. Acquire more customers.

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