Marketing Plan For Advertising For Children Essay

Marketing Plan For Advertising For Children Essay

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Previously there were no restrictions to the certain age limit for advertising especially for those who targeted children below 12 years of age. Advertising aimed at children was conducted through promotions, tie ups with cartoon characters or events targeting the latter. Children did not understand they they were tricked and that the primary reason was to sell them junk food and create unhealthy habit (Palmer & Carpenter, 2006)
There is need for all Companies to undertake their promotional strategies while respecting the interests of the public (Hill & Langan, 2014). In line with this, top beverage Companies have to ensure that their promotional strategies do not target the children that are below the age of 12 years. McDonalds and Mondelez came with the resolution to stop targeting the children below the age of 23 years in accordance to responsible marketing guidelines under worldwide responsible marketing pledge.
To step up responsible marketing, leading food and beverage companies like Mondelez and McDonalds have vowed to stop advertising to children under 12 years. Most multinational companies have extended restrictions to advertising to children covering outdoor ads, radio cinema, direct marketing, product placement mobile, interactive games, DVDCD-ROM and SMS marketing.
The need to include these restrictions as explained by one of the CEOs of the multinationals was in compliance with the International Food & Beverage Alliance that has already sent the new ad guidelines. These organizations have pledged with the WHO through signed commitment in compliance with the norms (Bhusan, 2014).
For example Oreo biscuits and Maggi show children that are younger than twelve years in their comme...

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... (Bhusan, 2014).
The guidelines of the IFBA directs that minimum sugar, saturated fats and minimum sodium should be adhered to in accordance with the global criteria for minimum. The IFBA guidelines also directs manufacturers to display nutritional information on products and the removal of promotional ads that target the children under the age of 12 years on all media platform. Furthermore, the new guidelines encourage the improvement of the work environment making life more comfortable for the workers.

Bhusan, R. (2014). Responsible Marketing: Food giants to stop targeting kids in ads and promotions, The Economic Times. Retrieved from
Hill, R. P., & Langan, R. (2014). Handbook of research on marketing and corporate social responsibility.

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