Marketing Plan For A University Hospital Essay

Marketing Plan For A University Hospital Essay

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University Hospital is located in Augusta-Richmond Country region. They help ensure their patients will have quality medical services. They have a main hospital, Heart and Vascular Institute, treatment centers, and private practice physicians. They also have a secondary smaller site located in McDuffie County. University knows your health care doesn’t end at the door to the hospital. They recognize the need to serve the community closer to home.
Marketing has a huge impact for University Hospital. They make the best use of social media. Patients are able to go online and share their experiences. They also have surveys they have nurses call and do once a patient has left. They shift their focus from volume to value. Successful marketing calls for a clear business strategy and measureable outcomes for a return on investment. They also know their audience. Knowing your target audience also means knowing how and where to reach them.
“University must develop a marketing plan. A marketing plan is a strategic document that is designed to facilitate the achievement of specific business goals and objectives over a specific time period. A good marketing plan allows you to anticipate, assess, prepare, build a road map to follow, cover-your-bases, construct necessary support systems, protect yourself and dramatically improve your chances for marketing success.”(Gandolf, 2013)
The Mission of University Health Care System is to improve the health of those we serve. The Vision of University Health Care System is that patients will insist on University, employees will be proud to be part of University and physicians will prefer University because we set the standard for high-quality, safe care and exceptional service. A target audience would be a...

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...n’t forget. They should conduct more focus groups and surveys for both patients and employees. The internet can be used to build brand loyalty by opening new lines of communication with patients, care givers and prospective patients.
University Hospital can shape the decision of patients many ways. They can start by making sure there information is available to customer. That means on social media, commercials, billboards, and etc. They need to make sure they put all there products and services that they offer out in the open. They need to advertise a problem position it and state a solution to the problems patients may be receiving. If a lot of people use the internet they need to make sure the website stays up to date and participate in search-engine marketing. Making themselves available where potential patients go to find information about products or services.

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