Marketing Plan For A Target Store Essay

Marketing Plan For A Target Store Essay

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Target is friendly, neighborhood store for many people. Because of this store’s long hours of operation, wade range of products and polite customer service it became my super store too. The first Target store was opened in 1962 in Minnesota (“History”). Since then, Target grew and became the second largest discount retailer in the United States, trailing only Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (“History”). Target has distinguished itself from its competitors by offering fashionable, modish products at affordable prices. The company owns and oversees its e-commerce initiatives. Target founded its first on line services under the domain: as a partnership with in 2000. As of August 23, 2011 the company separated and changed its online operations and it has been known as since. The big red bullseye became Target’s logo for every store and online sites and “Expect more. Pay less” became its motto (“History”). This well established retailer offers discounted and moderate-priced essential products through their store chain and Website.
“Chapter 1 – SWOT Analysis”
Target developed much strength in order to stay competitive in its market. Target is known to offer higher quality and more innovative products. Adding garden centers and food highly increased Target’s sales and rivalry. This store chain signs exclusive partnerships with designers like Jason, Wu, Zac Posen, Isaac Mizrahi and the most recent Lilly Pulitzer. It is every customer’s preference to be well dressed without overpaying. Sustaining low prices to remain competitive in the industry is Target’s priority. By sells its products directly to customers it is able to keep the cost at or below competitors. Target’s Red Card, Target Visa, Tar...

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...ted prices. This company is the largest retailers / superstore in the United States following Wal-Mart. Target’s strategy has always been to provide customers with quality products at low prices. They well-developed, copyright website offers easy shopping without intrusive advertisements, and the company’s secure internet connection offers “peace of mind.” Employee designated intranet makes it easy for workers to access personal information, and all suppliers and customers have ability to communicate with Target through extranet. Marketing emails and friendly mini catalogs are sent to client with weekly local ads. Target’s Web catalog and fee-per-transaction revenue model makes it profitable. Constant and friendly presence in social medias helps Target to promote their business, stay in touch with costumers, and become your favorite shopping destination.

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