Marketing Plan For A Marketing Strategy Essay

Marketing Plan For A Marketing Strategy Essay

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Businesses utilize strategies and implement them through the execution of a plan. With marketing becoming more complex due to the increased competitiveness of business it is essential to be organized in executing a particular marketing strategy therefore marketing plans have become important. With marketing plans playing a crucial role in business’s success it is important to have a fundamental understanding of it and how to develop your own if required. To begin the process you have to comprehend the reasons why a marketing plan I beneficial to any business and establish a purpose or “end goal” for the marketing plan. Once this criterion has been met you can begin to develop strategies based on a detailed market assessment while remaining in the limits of your particular budget. All three of these parts will be woven together throughout the entire process. Understanding and possibly developing a marketing plan is essential for any businessman or businesswomen at all levels of an organization in order to successful execute it and achieve the desired end goal.
A marketing plan is vital to implementing a marketing strategy because it outlines everything related to marketing a particular offer or the entire strategy over a short term period of time to the entire business. Although it may appear to be complex and similarly structured to a business plan it is fairly simple once you have an understanding of its concept. According to Tanner and Raymond (2012), the purpose is to “influence” everyone affiliated with the business to “invest money, time, and effort” into successfully executing the marketing strategy (pg. 339). While this is the most important reason why a marketing plan can be beneficial to an organization it is important...

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...ts to the plan.
The marketing plan plays a crucial role in a business’s successful marketing attempts for a particular offering. Each component of the marketing plan plays an essential role in actually achieving the objectives and end goal of the business. Having a solid foundation of the end goal, objectives, and what the offering will allow you to build into the remaining components. It is important to realize how each component is woven into each other in order to be correctly structured. When you are assessing the market you have to determine the best strategy that will influence that particular audience while remaining within your budget. The last bit of important information is to remember that the marketing plan is important, but is only a small piece in the large scheme of business, but if it is utilized properly it will exponentially help the business.

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