Essay on Marketing Plan For A Marketing Planning

Essay on Marketing Plan For A Marketing Planning

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A marketing planning is very essential for clothing retailing like Nelson Professional clothing. A marketing plan is an overall plan for the business of any company. A well defined marketing plan is the foundation of a well-written marketing plan. Although a marketing plan has a list of full actions, a marketing plan without a sound strategic foundation is of little use. A marketing planning is a inclusive blueprint which outlines an overall marketing efforts. A good marketing mix can be helpful to realize the marketing process. The marketing plan can function from two points: strategy and tactics (Kotler and Keller, 2009). In general organizations do the strategic planning covering just the year ahead of them. But practically the strategic planning should stretches three or more years ahead and this plan will help them to overcome those problems faced for having one year plan. A marketing plan describes the advertising and marketing efforts for the coming year.
1.1 Changing perspective of marketing planning
Marketing is a dynamic issue and it gets changed time to time to the changes of the environment and human behavior. Marketing is evolving continuously according to the changes of the global business strategy. Besides the changes of marketing the planning of marketing is also changing simultaneously. We can measure the changing perspective of marketing planning from the followings.
The four P’s:
The conventional marketing planning is based on four P’s product, price, place and promotion. P starts with product considerations like benefits, features, packaging and brand name. Then pricing, after setting up a product a relevant price must be adhering to the product. Now an efficient channel strategy should be taken ...

... middle of paper ... concept of the company
vi. Confusion between process and output of the company
vii. Here the management of Nelson sometimes isolates the marketing functions from operations
viii. Lack of enough knowledge of market place, customer, and competitors.
ix. Failure to priorities the objectives of the company from the very begging
x. Lack of a systematic approach to marketing planning by the management of Nelson clothing
(McDonald and Keegan, 1997)
2.2 Examine how organizations may overcome barriers to marketing planning
Professor McDonald has suggested ten rules to overcome barriers of the marketing planning (, 2014). These steps can be followed by Nelson professional clothing to overcome the marketing planning barriers of it.
i. Strategy before tactics: The Nelson can set strategy before going to the tactics
ii. Situation marketing within operations

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