Marketing Of The Avis Car Rental Company Essay

Marketing Of The Avis Car Rental Company Essay

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The AVIS car rental company uses humour in their commercials to attract people towards their product however it also uses human traits such as anthropomorphism and personification to do so. This also causes people to feel bad or have second thoughts about their old sold cars. Specifically it gives humane traits such as adultery, and sadness. The goal is to attract people towards their product with humour. However some people take it seriously or it gets into their head which causes them to feel bad about their old sold cars. Due to the negative impact AVIS rental car commercials are not effective at creating desire for the product. Meanwhile other car commercials focus on the new traits of a car, and this is how it is valued, and priced. Since there are new traits, people desire the latest updates and technology. With that mindset they do not care or have feelings for an old car. Lastly we are persuaded by advertisements since most car commercial focus on new features, speed, size, comfort and technology.
AVIS has many commercials that has human traits involved as well as human thoughts, Stanley Fish has listed a few of these commercial in his article in “How to Write Anything” pp. 921-923. He mentions how they use adultery to catch buyers, viewers, and reader’s attention. There is more than just adultery, there are many other human traits such as sadness, hope and jealousy. These traits causes the customers either feel bad about their old / sold cars or just laugh at it. The one’s that feel bad like Stanley Fish, they tend to think twice about what they had done, as Stanley mentions “I still wonder whenever I see a car that looks like one of those I have discarded whether is in fact mine. Forgive me.” pp. 923. Instead of causing...

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... Lastly the upper class only cares about looks and speed. Each car company has their targets and reaches their goals by advertising properly and efficiently. By doing so they achieve their goals in sales, revenue and pay for their employers. If AVIS continues their commercial program as they do now they will lose customers as well as sales, employees and their revenue.
In conclusion AVIS car rental commercials are not effective due to its use of anthropomorphism. They list minimal features about some products about their rentals and more about the connection between a driver and a car as if it is a partnership. Due to this relationship in their commercials Stanley Fish mentions adultery is used. For their commercials to be more efficient, they should concentrate on what their products is instead of focusing on what lacks in your old car compared to their rental cars.

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