Essay about Marketing Mix : Marketing Plan

Essay about Marketing Mix : Marketing Plan

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Following our goals we maintain a high level of motivated to keep striving and moving forward, once a local lemonade stand now has manifested into something I think could have very great potential. Planning to expand to every local grocery market; making A Simply Better Lemonade nationally known.
In this section, provide a brief introduction to your lemonade stand to provide a potential investor with necessary background material. Your introduction should indicate your subject or purpose and why it is important. You might summarize some of the main points you identified in Part I of this assignment.

As part of my marketing mix I plan to use market research for aspects such as pricing, promotion, and distribution. Planning to sell to all market segments, using undifferentiated marketing which has advantages of simplicity and economies of scale (Bovee, 2012, p.304). Positioning will also play a role I want to position my product as a healthy choice appealing to all.
As for pricing I would still use penetration pricing in newer geographical areas where my product is in the introduction stage; although I will eventually raise the price slightly to a median of the established minimum cost to keep the company functioning properly and the higher prices of local competitor’s products between lays an optimum price point. (Bovee, 2012, p.308)
Promotion will come in the form of indirect communication through such social media as well as face-to-face communication within the stores in areas that I plan to introduce the product to (Bovee, 2012, p.308). Using social media I believe it’s a great tool and the use of it could be exponential without spending a fortune to promote. Promoting within the store will bet...

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... to the future of the company; ways that I’ll be able to motivate my employees is conducting daily or weekly meeting and gaining insight of current business operation at the sales level, what are the customers saying?, how can we differentiate our approach?, and how can we improve as a whole?. Gaining insight will help us establish quality weekly goals, which will be challenging as well as achievable.

Our goal is to keep “A Simply Better Lemonade” brand at the fore-front using ethical business practice, keeping business pure, simple, and smart. By training our employees to above standard, branding strategies, utilizing promotion and expanding location we as a company have our goal set but also forever being committed to empowering each other to strive and attain as well as maintain a better healthy lifestyle through a better healthy more natural choice 

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