Essay on Marketing Mix For Selling A Product

Essay on Marketing Mix For Selling A Product

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A marketing mix is all aimed at selling a product, a company will create a marketing mix around a product to make sure it is advertised, in the correct price grange, is what the customer wants and is accessible for people to purchase.
This is when a company must look at trends and decide if they are offering in terms of e.g. bright colours, features or size. This also involves benefits like reduced price. Apple surpassed customer expectation when they brought out the IOS operating system. Apple managed to bring out this new system before Windows 8 and Android stealing some of their customers. When it came to marketing the iPhone, Apple thought was that people will buy what others have. The unique white Apple headphones let everyone know who owned an Apple device. This was an intelligent selling strategy used by Apple that gave them constant advertising by their customers.
Out of all the aspects of the marketing mix the price is the one that will decide how much profit a product makes. Price is mainly determined by how much a customer values the product at, customers will pay more for the quality of a product that they will have for a long time, or a reliable product that they know won’t break. Apple uses the technique of skimming price, this is when a product is put on the market at a higher price and is slowly reduced as newer products are introduced. Even due to the iPhone’s expensive price their customers are still extremely loyal to the Apple brands and ensured the iPhone is the most popular smartphones in the market mainly due to its high quality, outstanding operating system and fashionable design.
This is about making the product accessible where sales where increasing, and conveni...

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... its features and other positive features to make their product the ‘product of choice’ over other competing goods. Apple highlight that’s students can benefit from an iPhone because all their features are in one gadget, including phone, iPod, internet, email, TV, ability to take notes, calendar and Apple branding an iPhone as a fashion statement.

Marketing conditions such as the recession can change a company’s marketing mix greatly. Due to the recession where there was a slowdown in economic activity and the unemployment rate rose. So people have less money to spend on expensive products or services, so company’s have to bring down their prices or offer an irresistible product. Company’s themselves would also need to save money by cutting their marketing budget and using cheaper marketing strategies.

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