Essay about Marketing Methods Of Internet Marketing

Essay about Marketing Methods Of Internet Marketing

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Entrepreneurial marketing Describe several different methods of Internet marketing. Give examples.

Nowadays internet has become one of the primary source of getting information. Many businesses are turning to the online model. More and more people now prefer to shop online. Thus it is very important for a business to have correct online marketing strategies. Online marketing is different from the traditional marketing. It enables a business to create awareness of it’s products/service across the globe. Some of the online marketing strategies are :
Article Promotion : This includes writing your articles and then submitting the same on the web in the article directory. You can put a redirect link of your website over there. So once the customer clicks the link, he can visit your website page. It helps in increasing the web traffic on to your website and increasing ranking in the search engine.
Forum Promotion : This is another method of generating online traffic. One can log on to the different forum pages and join the discussions. It also allows you to put your website link over there.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) : Search engine optimisation focuses on improving your webpage ranking in the search engines so that the consumers can find the webpage easily. In order to submit the website online, the business needs to have a XML sitemap.
Cost Per Click (CPC) : Under this method of online marketing, the business needs to pay the service provider on the basis of number of clicks generated on the link. It’s a pay per click service.
Link Exchange : Under this method, the business exchange their respective website links in order to promote their webpage on each others webpage. For example : Dicksmith gets into an agreement with ...

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...stomer database or by developing a mobile application for your customers. So customers can easily view the content on their mobile.
Bookmarking : By bookmarking your webpage a customer can quickly log on to your website. This can be done by promoting your webpage on the bookmark websites (Growing Your Online Sales: Best 5 Ways to Execute Internet Marketing Strategies, 2013).

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