Marketing Management Strategy Of Procter & Gamble Essays

Marketing Management Strategy Of Procter & Gamble Essays

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The objective and aim of this paper is to provide details on the proposed solutions and interventions that will improve the brand management strategy of Procter & Gamble, given the concerns raised in the first paper. As a result of the diversifying consumer needs and increased competition, the product centric method of P&G might change its brand management approach from product promotion to driving up consumer value perception and changing brand portfolios in order to increase the level of consumer loyalty and traction on P&G products (Di Somma, “Why Brand Management will replace Marketing”). The format of this paper is designed to discuss the identified issues and challenges in the area of P&G brand management while also providing solutions on the gaps.
Solution to improving P&G’s Brand Management strategy
In exploring the business environment of P&G, various issues arise that stem from its brand management strategies which need to be addressed especially concerns that relate to brand advertising. The need to diversify its product across international markets and segments, and finding more ways to transition from a product centric approach towards a value driven brand management initiative are among the vital issues which the company need to focus on if effective marketing to consumer is to be achieved.
The significance of diversifying the brand advertising efforts of P&G is to ensure that it considers various methods where it can strengthen its brand management initiatives across different advertising mediums aside from the traditional TV ads. According to Kapferer, communicating the identity of a brand relates to assorted elements and not just using a single form of media (196). Although TV advertising has been effective in ...

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...oss different segments. This helps in alleviating pressure in its brand management initiatives especially if it focuses only on a product centric approach. Accordingly, P&G can create certain products within the same brand to cater to various economic demographics in order to address the existing market competition.
The various proposed interventions and solutions showcase the importance of diversifying the brand management initiatives of P&G in order to address various market segments and opportunities. In addition, there should be a move from a product centric brand management approach to a more diverse value driven brand identity in order to consider the growing market competition that sometimes affect consumer perception and brand loyalty. With the aforementioned, an advantageous placement in improving its marketing to consumers can be expected.

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