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Use of the newspapers, radio, magazines, television and brochures, are some of the traditional marketing modes. Technological advancements have brought about new and efficient advertising means. Web marketing relates to application of internet tools in marketing of products and services such as online publications, video and audio files among others posted in websites.
Online coverage last longer and can be retrieved in future (24/7) by interested customers. Newspapers and magazines are only bought daily, read only once and they get lost or thrown to the trash bins easily. Some individuals may store them, but retrieval of information from the same will be difficult. Tracking information is easier on the web compared to traditional modes of marketing where a company cannot be able to access contacts of a customer who was interested in information from a newspaper, since tabs don’t exist. In the web, website tabs are kept on client contacts to facilitate future and fast tracking.
Radio and television advertisements have little long run effect because news passes fast and advertisements are aired seasonally. On the other hand, audio and video files on the web can be accessed forever and easily. Firms are able to reach international clients who access the website since online marketing is not geographically limited. Traditional marketing could only reach a small geographical area or just the local clients. Due to wide coverage, web marketing is the best for international marketing.
Traditional marketing is costly, for instance TV broadcasts are expensive because of their vast use by consumers. Internet marketing is faster and economical because an organization uses its website to show product images and place videos that can be ac...

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...lity to the customers. A manager should ensure that the suppliers he is dealing with are punctual in delivery and committed to solve any complaints that might arise.
Customer satisfaction is important to organizations as this leads to customer loyalty for repeated purchases and new referrals. For any organization, customer retention is easier than attracting new customers and maintaining them. An organization will only be safe if it is willing to provide quality services and products that ensure customer satisfaction at all times.

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