Essay on The Marketing Industry and Generation X and Y

Essay on The Marketing Industry and Generation X and Y

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From X to Y: The Generation Gap, and its Effects
Generation X, children born between 1965 and 1976, the first generation of children defined as ‘latchkey’ (oxford, marketing 4th edition). Living in an era of “dual-income” families, Gen X children were often left alone, and thus developed a sense of independence, and resourcefulness. Unlike Baby boomers, where equality was a core value, Gen X experienced more cultural diversity, higher levels of education, with some even attaining college degrees. Gen X is also extremely flexible, while they are loyal and committed to their jobs; if a better opportunity presents itself they would grasp it in a heartbeat. Gen X is determined and enthusiastic about life, growing as individuals, and increasing their qualifications. However, they believe themselves to be self-sufficient and choose to rely on themselves to reach their goals (Sally Kane, Guide). While Gen X was growing up, so was the technology around them, allowing them to witness and adapt to devices like smartphones, computers, laptops, which were invented then. Few Gen X’ers are now starting to retire, while others have reached the peak of their careers. At this same time, Generation Y has started to obtain influential positions within their companies, with many others graduating from college, and joining the working class now.
Generation Y are children born between 1977 and 1994. There are many names that can be given to Gen Y, most are incorrect. The most fitting name for Gen Y is “Millennial”, as they are the largest generation to date. While Gen Y does have the most convenient access and adeptness with technology, they are in no way tech savants and as such digital natives aren’t an accurate way to descr...

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