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Marketing is a fundamental aspect of all businesses, whether they are set out to make a profit, or charitable organisations - they will have to carry out marketing research of some description. It has been described as being, “the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.” (Chartered Institute of Marketing) This essay will explore the role of marketing in a marketing oriented business and different aspects of the external environment that a smartphone company should be aware of. The points raised throughout will be supported using relevant journals, textbooks and newspaper articles.
For a marketing orientated business, the findings from any research will be put to use primarily to aid the business in satisfying the needs and wants of its customers; this type of business has become more popular since 1970, where prior to this business’ were production orientated (until the 1950’s) where the business was concerned with improving its distribution methods, and product orientated (until the 1960’s) where the business’ main concern was the product rather than the satisfaction of the customer. The idea of a marketing orientated business has been explored by Fahy and Jobber (2012) who concurred that a market orientated business is one that considers its customers and the external environment to be an intricate part of the business; This type of business will explore the different aspects of the external environment, and take from its observations ways in which it can continue to trade in an effective, profitable way. A marketing orientated business will also use its findings to help it take advantage of any opportunities in a market and to lessen any threats that could be...

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...Harlow: Pearson
Education Limited.
FAHY, J. AND JOBBER D. (2012). Foundations of Marketing. 4th Ed. McGraw-Hill Educations.
KOTLER, P. AND ZALTMAN, G. (1971). Social Marketing: An Approach to Planned Social Change. Journal of Marketing, Volume 35, July 1971.

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