The Marketing Head For Mobile Phones At Intex Inc. Essay

The Marketing Head For Mobile Phones At Intex Inc. Essay

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According to Sanjay Kalirona, the business head for mobile phones at Intex Inc., “The world of smartphones is very competitive.” To him, the moment a smartphone manufacturer gets complacent in the market, his survival in the market is left at the risk of pulling out of the market to pave way for the competent manufacturers. While android and iOS smartphones compete for market share, new devices are released into the market every other day. The competition in producing good smartphones remains stiff and tough every day.
While the issue of market dominance lingers in the smartphone market, both iPhone and android are great rivals with each trying to capture a segment of the world population (TarunPathak, 2015). A lot of China and Asian Vendors such as Huawei and Xiaomi among others use Android Operating system and sell their products at relatively lower prices. The low prices make the devices affordable to majority of the people. According to TarunPathak, positive competition is good as far as consumers get the quality products.
According to TarunPathak, a Counterpoint Research 's senior analyst, “You cannot restrain the legs of fast runners in order to make a slow paced runner catch them up.” The competition allows manufacturers to produce quality and competitive products to win market share as well as to increase sales and leads. In this case, I am fond of using Apple Products. There is significant difference between the two brands in terms of technology used and the ease of use. On the other hand, Apple is advanced in providing its clients with the best support and help. The following are the reasons why I prefer using Apple Brands to Android Brands:
Best Support and Help
When I experience problems with my...

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...freedom and choices, they are not predictable for users.
In conclusion, I find it more confusing and complicated using Android gadgets. Although the iPhone is my choice, the manufacturer has not established a good move to target low income earners to use the products. The reason is because iPhone mobiles are highly priced and they segregate people into social classes. However, the customer and manufacturer relationship is good especially when troubleshooting both hardware and software problems. Furthermore, the user experience is more important than every other thing. On the side of user experience, I do not understand why both Google Settings app and Google app’s settings page for android are different. This complicates everything in Android. Instead, I stick to iPhone because the ergonomics and operations are much easier to do on iPhone than on Android.

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