Essay on The Marketing Functions Of Marketing

Essay on The Marketing Functions Of Marketing

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Core Marketing Functions
Marketing is an important part of a business similar to research and design, finance or operations. There are various dimensions in marketing, which together help the business make sales. The first core marketing function is corporate marketing, which according to Saini & Krush (2008), has a global marketing outlook. It involves the presentation of the organization in a positive manner to the investors, public and other relevant organizations in an attempt to meets the objectives. Strategic marketing is another core marketing function that is involved in devising mechanism for achievement of proposed goals through integrating the opportunities available with optimization of organization departments such as production to fill the gaps in the market (Saini & Krush, 2008). Product management is the third core marketing function, which operates on the product lifecycle basis. It involves the short term and long term strategies of product development and commercialization in an efficient manner. The product produced need to be marketed, and this forms the fourth core marketing function. It involves the launching of the products through product manages to the value addition and sales. Finally, the five core marketing function is the field marketing, which is the execution of the marketing programs. It helps the organization create distribute the product in areas that opportunities have been identified in a more efficient manner.
Goals and expected outcomes of core marketing function
Corporate marketing function seeks to create a brand that will set standards within the market. Moreover, it is aimed at defining the global public relations infrastructure, enhance corporate image through clear communication and...

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...nce marketing decision making seek to determine the efficiency of advertising strategies based on sales and profitability. PROMOTER model is one such tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to offer access to sales promotion measures such as sales, profits and consumer numbers for evaluation. It also helps one to compare own sales with sales promotion of competitors and other companies. Place as part of the 4Ps of marketing involves product distribution and sales force (Tălpău, 2014). Among the models that are involved in sales and distribution and are helpful for marketing decision making is market response model. This focuses on sales through evaluation of measures such as frequency and scheduling of sale calls. Distribution is usually measured by identification of the best channels outlets, which is crucial for an organization during decision making.

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