Marketing For Aids Awareness At The Mall Essay

Marketing For Aids Awareness At The Mall Essay

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Marketing for AIDS Awareness
Most of this generation is exposed to advertisements every second of our lives. Whether it be at the mall, talking to a friend, or even on the internet. We begin to see ads so often that we begin to familiarize ourselves with them. Many people are able to recognize logos of certain brands within the time it takes to snap a finger. This is because they have been exposed to particular ads enough times to remember it, even if they didn’t care to memorize them at all. People who spend all their time online are possibly exposed to more ads than others. Using this form of marketing to spread awareness is possibly one of the most efficient ways to get people involved, especially since most of the people who are online access the internet because of social media. Social media can be an effective way to spread awareness to many people. There are already so many campaigns that are using this strategy and it is working very well for them. Even though social media is a great way to spread awareness, the issue at hand is whether or not the young people would pay attention to ads that spread awareness about HIV/AIDS.
Campaigns that target younger people to spread awareness try their best to connect to what the younger generation likes. They do many things in their power so that they can become “hip” with the young folks. Some of these things consist of placing ads in common areas that young people populate for most of the day. When they see the ads, they will make associations about them and realize what the purpose of it is. Many ads that are used to target younger people are often found in places that are popular among the stated group of individuals. S...

... middle of paper ... to flow a lot smoother. Because so many people have access to the internet and social media sites, this methodology is very effective. Marketing to teenagers and young adults from the internet is a sure way to get their attention. As long as the campaign gets their attention in the right way, the population will become interested and will begin to discuss the topic or issue that is being presented. Direct marketing seems to have a good effect on younger people because it seems more reliable in the views of others because they are surrounded by the advertisements and are surrounded by people talking about the topic. The role of commercial culture in fostering a change socially is crucial, it allows people to gain knowledge that would soon turn in to common sense amongst everyone in the country.

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