Essay on Marketing : Ethical And Ethical Dilemma

Essay on Marketing : Ethical And Ethical Dilemma

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It is important for any business to behave ethically. Marketers have to be extra careful because they are in a way the face of a company. Acting unethically, affects not only the organization but also the customer, employees and other stakeholders. Marketers should abide by the American Marketing Association’s Code of Ethics which are honesty, responsibility, respect, fairness and citizenship. One example of unethical behavior that is often seen in marketing is misleading consumers by using false advertising or providing inaccurate information.
When it comes to marketing the line between what is ethical and what is not can easily be blurred. Advertisers have to walk a fine line between promoting their product and providing misleading information. Marketers can also face an ethical dilemma when advertising potentially harmful products such as soft drinks. It is the marketers job to convince us that we need a product, and that we would be better off with that product in our life. Knowing what we know now about the health risks associated with soft drinks, marketers have to tread carefully when advertising.
Organizations should aspire to not only behave ethically but to display corporate social responsibility through positive behavior and/or community outreach. Such as going green, raising money for the community, food drive etc. Corporations that act responsibly will give the consumer a positive view of the company.
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps businesses build and manage customer relationships by collecting and utilizing customer data. Marketing firms can use the information collected to study the collective customer purchasing history and buying behaviors to forecast sales...

... middle of paper ... a wide reach it is important for PepsiCo to adjust their marketing mix for each individual market. PepsiCo must also be extra careful to act socially responsible, ethically and legally when marketing their products in varying countries. For instance, the regulations that PepsiCo must follow in one country, may not be the same in another.
The ingredients, health effects, or brand image can prevent a company from selling their product in certain countries. A perfect example of this is Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew is extremely popular in the United Sates but it is banned in several countries in Europe. Mountain Dew was never intended to be healthy, in fact it was first invented to be mixed with Whiskey. Mountain Dew’s formula has changed several times throughout the product life cycle and could be altered in the future due to fit industry standards on a global level.

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